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TaxPRO provides a complete customized software solution for tax collection. The TaxPRO Full Suite integrates the billing, collection, and bookkeeping into one seamless package. To see a demonstration of TaxPRO Full Suite click here.


Features include:

Exceptional user friendliness

All TaxPRO browser-based software runs on Microsoft Internet Explorer®. Navigating TaxPRO is as easy as using the Internet.

Easy bulk payments

Bulk payment files from mortgage and credit companies, as well as lockboxes, can be imported and processed in a matter of a few seconds and with no extra charge to you.

Online public inquiry and bill pay

Taxpayers can access and view their property information and billing history, reprint their receipts and bills, and make payments online. These features save the county time and money by reducing the number of phone calls.

No up-front payment requirements

TaxPRO charges its customers a reasonable monthly user fee, structured around payment for services as they are provided, with no payment required in advance. Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied for the long term.

Guaranteed, all-inclusive pricing

TaxPRO guarantees pricing. Your monthly service costs remain constant through the life of the contract; so you know your total data processing budget up front. When you choose TaxPRO, we do not bill you for every release or update, nor for every question you ask us.

Experienced service team support

The TaxPRO staff knows how county governments function, has many years of experience in automating government business flows, and provides onsite support.

Fully documented software

In addition to onsite training, TaxPRO provides full-color, easy-to-understand software documentation to each user and keeps that documentation up to date in the Tech Support section of the TaxPRO Web site. Answers to your questions are just a click away.

Exporting data

Files can be exported to Excel ® or other spreadsheet programs.


Unlimited “comments” section

TaxPRO software lets you add notes regarding a parcel with unlimited free-form note entry fields

Unlimited billing history records

You can maintain an unlimited history record and not be forced to remove any files.

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