Case Study

Garland County: Hot Springs, Arkansas

Rebecca Talbert
  • Office: Tax Collector
  • # of Parcels: 159,061
  • Average Tax Roll: $71.5 Million
  • Population: 96,024
  • Location: Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • The Facts: Garland County knew they needed to upgrade their software from 1980’s green screen terminals to a modern browser-based billing and collections system. They also knew that they needed a reputable company to provide software support for all their needs.
  • Solution: TaxPRO’s Full Tax Suite
  • Contact: Rebecca Talbert, Collector

New Collector, New Tax Collection Software

Shortly after taking office, Rebecca Talbert, the Garland County Tax Collector knew that one of her most important challenges was to update her antiquated, green screen software with modern browser-based technology that was available.

Talbert was looking for a reliable and reputable company that could bring a team approach to servicing her office. For decades, Garland County had been accustomed to limited technical service and the “we’ll get to it when we get to it” attitude. Additionally, their provider would charge for each call or visit giving Talbert multiple invoices to sort through with the feeling of being “nickel and dimed” for service. Talbert knew there had to be a better way and expected more for Garland County.

After looking at multiple vendors, Garland County decided to go with TaxPRO. Talbert was ultimately swayed because “TaxPRO seemed to have better service.” Talbert also liked how TaxPROs’ costs stayed the same through the life of the contract. “I like that I know what I’m paying for. I don’t have to worry about how much I have to pay for my software.”

Talbert ensured success with the creation of a strict implementation plan during conversion and installation to TaxPRO. She also adhered to a phased approach by installing credit cards and online payments after the initial installation. TaxPRO provided Garland onsite shoulder-to-shoulder training to ensure the entire staff was up and ready.

Even the staff enjoys using TaxPRO. According to Jennifer Mason, the Delinquent Tax Manager, TaxPRO has made her day-to-day life easier because “collections are up” and she can “compile information so much easier.” One of the biggest areas of improvement Talbert and staff have seen is that delinquent taxes owed from $5 million to $3 million; bringing the County an extra $2 million each year. “Go with TaxPRO, they have great customer service and the whole system is great. If you have a new idea they’ll work on it.”

TaxPRO offers features and navigation for every size office. Talbert adds “that every County is different and TaxPRO caters to that County, it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ company.”

Key Challenges

  • Replace out-of-date tax billing and collections software to further improve processes.
  • Ensure a fast, smooth implementation.
  • Take the taxpayers into the 21st Century with online payments and modern browser-based technology.
  • Finding a reputable company with a full technical team devoted to the just their tax office, not the entire Courthouse.

Benefits: Financial and Beyond

  • Module to keep track of and collect Delinquent Business Tax which aided Garland County in collecting an additional $2 Million in delinquencies.
  • Reduction of staff time on data entry, preparation of letters that go out to taxpayers, final settlement and balancing.
  • Easier access to comprehensive parcel information.

Garland County Best Practices

  • Worked with TaxPRO to create an organized implementation plan to ensure conversion and installation success.
  • Stayed on top of new technology to provide taxpayers with online payments and over the counter credit cards.

In Their Own Words

“I recommend TaxPRO to everyone looking for new software. The system is a time saver and the support you receive from TaxPRO is priceless. I would not go back to what we had before and I would fight to keep TaxPRO”

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