Features of TaxPRO Software

TaxPro has full credit card integration.

Full Credit Card Integration

TaxPRO software integrates seamlessly with the credit card processing provider of your choice. Electronic payments can be processed and posted to accounts in real time. Eliminating manual input frees up office time and gives your customers the clearances they need immediately.

TaxPro is cloud native.

Cloud Native – No Server Needed

Our cloud-based software makes collecting easy from anywhere you have internet access. Easily set up remote locations or add an extra station during busy times. In the event of a disaster, you can be up and running from anywhere within moments.

TaxPro does easy bulk payments.

Easy Bulk Payments

Collect current and delinquent taxes at the same time. Process multiple accounts for a taxpayer in one swift payment.

TaxPro has online public inquiry and bill payments.

Online Public Inquiry and Bill Pay

TaxPRO provides one location to easily search records, access bill history, view current statements, and pay on accounts.

TaxPro updates their records multiple times a year.

Updated Multiple Times Per Year

TaxPRO likes to provide our customers with updates to their software as soon as they are available. No need to wait for important features to be available only once per year.

TaxPro has fully documented software.

Fully Documented Software

Ensure procedures are understood and followed with our user manual accessible within the software. Not sure about a feature? Help buttons are there to assist you.

TaxPro offers exportable data.

Exportable Data

We provide the ability to export bulk data into text and Excel files for your convenience.

TaxPro features unlimited billing history and comments.

Unlimited Billing & Comments

All billing history, manual comments or notes, address changes, and even scanned documents are archived to accounts so you never lose important information.

TaxPRO Full Suite

We provide a complete customized software solution for tax collection. The TaxPRO Full Suite integrates billing, collection, and bookkeeping into one seamless package. Our browser-based software is as easy to use as the internet. Users have the ability to customize functions and preferences, access to unlimited history and comments, options for preferred payment methods including bulk payments, and immediate access to support. No special hardware or added purchases are necessary to start operating the TaxPRO software. We also provide guaranteed, all-inclusive pricing with no up-front payment requirements.

TaxPRO customer using the full suite of services on their computer.
Accountant using the CashKeeper services on their computer.


Designed with small counties in mind, CashKeeper makes bookkeeping easy with automated check processing, ledgers, and budget tracking. The CashKeeper system is included and integrates with the full TaxPRO suite OR can be an added, stand-alone ledger system to suit your needs. CashKeeper features an automated ledger with reports, reconciliation, budget maintenance, and automated check processing including ledger posting, printing, and reports. As with all TaxPRO software, we provide on-site training, account setup, and full access to support.

Waste Management Solutions

If your office also has the responsibility of collecting and processing solid waste payments for your county, we have you covered. Our Waste Management software integrates seamlessly into the TaxPRO software, your existing collection software, OR can be an independent software for you to utilize. Software features include complete customer and billing management, accurate receipting, reporting, container tracking and pick-up day tracking, and credit card processing with your preferred provider. We provide on-site training and setup along with full access to support.

TaxPRO waste management solutions can be accessed from home or remotely.

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