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Customer-oriented design sets our software above the rest. We work with input from users to refine our products to best suit your needs. There is a reason we have 100% Customer Satisfaction scores on our annual surveys. Customer satisfaction is always our #1 goal.

Being “Old School” & not having a lot of computer knowledge, I cannot begin to say what a difference the CashKeeper program has made in my daily work.

In the past, all invoices that were paid were hand logged in a ledger book, copies [were] made & put in folders. With Little River County in [the] process of having a new jail built away from the courthouse, the sheriff needed a way to be able to go in and not only see the line item an invoice was paid out of, but actually see the invoice itself. Bobby [Little River Sheriff] told TaxPRO what he would like to have and they made it happen.

The team from TaxPRO made this learning experience easy & [have] always [been] very helpful when I have called them.

To anyone that is inquiring about the CashKeeper program, [they] should most definitely give it a try.

Debbie Hickingbottom Deputy Collector

The TaxPRO staff has not failed to exceed our expectations, from negotiation to service implementation, rare in today’s world. The flexible financing options, an in-depth awareness of Arkansas legal requirements, a keen understanding of the county culture, and the user-friendly menu has convinced us that we made the very best decision in selecting TaxPRO.

Debra Buckner Arkansas

Go with TaxPRO, not just because of the software, the people at TaxPRO are professional, and they make you feel like the only client that exists. I’m glad to be a part of TaxPRO and that they are on my team. I don’t know what I would do without them.

Valerie Fay Hearn Arkansas

TaxPRO is continually making improvements and enhancements to their software which has a positive impact on the way we do our jobs, as well as giving our customers a positive avenue to conduct business with our office.

Many customers are complimentary of the notices they receive as well as the many options available to pay their taxes.

TaxPRO has an inspiring team. We sincerely appreciate the quality of service we have always received. We rely on the consistent excellence of their performance. We could not conduct our business without this loyal and dedicated group. Any issue or new process is always met with sincere interest and enthusiasm. They always perform quickly and with great efficiency. TaxPRO has always met and exceeded our needs, and many times anticipates our needs in advance.”

We could not be more satisfied with the excellence in TaxPRO’s product. They are a very valuable asset to us. Their dedication and professionalism are remarkable. We have and will continue to recommend TaxPRO as the BEST in tax software.

Debbye Wolter

I can come to work knowing that TaxPRO can help with any issues that come our way.

Anytime new software is introduced, before it goes live, they will get together with most of their users to see what will work or not and adjust programs to work with everyone to the best of their ability.

Please give TaxPRO a call, have them come out or set up a demo for you. The company is wonderful to work with and will treat you with respect! TaxPRO is there for you any time any day!! Once you sign with them you will not just have a great company to work with, you’ve got new caring friends!

Angela Patterson

The staff at TaxPRO has always gone above and beyond to assist us.

We chose TaxPRO because of the poor service and support we were receiving from our previous software provider. TaxPRO solved that problem. We have never had an issue with service and support since switching to TaxPRO. If you choose TaxPRO you won’t be disappointed.

TaxPRO always considers the processes of our office when implementing changes in the software up to and including customizing to our individual needs.

Norbert Gunderman

I give a big shout out to the entire TaxPRO team! They are beyond amazing!

They are great about listening to the needs of OUR office. There are things that work for our county but not others and vice versa.

The system is user friendly which makes it easier to look up & research taxpayers. The wide selection of functions and reports makes it easier to balance, send out reminders and delinquent notices. We have had several problems over the years, and I can’t think of one that TaxPRO has not addressed and solved. I guess the biggest one for me is when they were able to create a program for us to do our state land settlement. They improved on that a couple of years later by simplifying the process even more! I didn’t think that could happen, but it did.

I say take the test drive, talk to the salesperson about ALL of the options available and purchasing. Their customer service is above and beyond. You don’t know if you’ll like it unless you try it.

Jennifer Keener

We are not just a number, it’s more personal. We feel like we are TaxPRO’s top priority. Give TaxPRO a try, the price is affordable and they can fix anything and they work with the County.

Melissa Bumpass Arkansas

I like that I know what I’m paying. I don’t have to worry about how much I have to pay for my software. I recommend TaxPRO to everyone looking for new software, the system is a time saver, and the support you receive from TaxPRO is priceless.

Rebecca Talbert Arkansas

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